My Mission

BraggBody’s mission is simple: help as many bodies get healthy and feel restored from the inside out. I put my heart and soul into making quality health plans because I believe what we put into our bodies changes how our bodies function, how our minds operate and most importantly how we feel.

Health and fitness goals can be simple when we take out all the guess work. At BraggBody I take away the stress of reaching your fitness goals by creating a plan that best suits your lifestyle. 

BraggBody focuses on learning new healthy habits that will sustain you a lifetime. Most importantly BraggBody plans are not a diet, we have goals but no finish line. Together we will grow as a team overcoming all obstacles. 

I am so thankful for you as my potential client. Stay Accountable, stay Focused, stay Fearless and always put one foot in front of the next. Never look at downfalls as mistakes but rather learning opportunities. Remember to reward yourself for your accomplishments. Always treat yourself with love and kindness. As your coach I will help you reach goals you never knew were possible. 

-Stephanie Bragg